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Former Judicial Officer, Advocate, and Judicial Supreme Commercial Court Expert Associate

Four decades of legal sector practice
Legal Counsellor A T.Pulejkov


  • Legal Counselor 2021 <present
  • Enforcement Agent < 2021-2006
  • Advocate< 2006-1990
  • Judicial Expert Associate < 1990-1984    Supreme Commercial Court of Macedonia, District Commercial Court-Skopje, and Basic Court Skopje 1-Skopje


Recognition and Enforcement of a Decision of a Foreign Court (Macedonia)


Legal Counsel in the field of civil, commercial, and international private law.His practice is in the sphere of multi-jurisdictional, regional, and obligation relationships in business and commercial matters with the presence of a foreign element, resolving conflict of laws, governing law over various jurisdiction entities, and experts' legal strategy analysis.

He is one of the first appointed Enforcement Agents in the Republic of Macedonia with entrance into force of the new Law on Enforcement on June 8, 2006, and one of the founders of the Chamber of Enforcement Agents of the Republic of Macedonia performing this duty15 until February 2021.

He has been a Judicial Expert Associate in the highest Commercial Court in the Republic with experienced practice as an Advocate in supporting out-of-domicile investments and Advocate and Counselor supporting industrial and commercial companies, government bodies, private and public entities, and individuals from the domicile and non-domicile jurisdictions.


His primary focus is the role of mentor and Counselor for strategic visions in the segment of civil, private international, and international economic-commercial activities of participants in domicile and trans-jurisdictional transactions with goods, services, real estate, securing claims from the position of creditors. or debtors.
Investment placements and investments through the prism of litigation and proceeding regulation, as well as the laws of a substantive nature, harmonizing the different jurisdictions and the mutual conflicts of the various domicile legal regulations of the subjects in these relations.


Former Arbitrator at the Russian Arbitration Association RAA.

His position was Approved by the RAA Nominee Committee in 2020, until his personal request to be released from the prestigious status on the list of Arbitrators at the Russian Arbitration Association in 2023.

Ancestor Synopsis

Republic of Macedonia Coat of Arms
Republic of Macedonia

Linea recta 1^ Tome Pulejkov

Four Decades Judge in all Court instances
Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia 1995 >1973 Performer of a Duty President, Vice President, Head of Civil Law Department, Judge
Court of Appeal1973 >1963 Judge
Basic Court Skopje 1 Skopje 1963 > 1961 President + < 1959/56 Basic Court K. Palanka President

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